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  • br Statistical analysis br Statistical analyses were


    5. Statistical analysis
    Statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism 5 soft-ware. Results are presented as mean values ± standard deviations (S.D.) and/or standard errors of the means (S.E.M.) for quantitative data. Statistical significance was determined using ANOVA with the Tukey's multiple comparison test, unpaired or paired t-tests. P-va-lues < .05 were considered statistically significant.
    Competing Interest
    We also declare that there aren't competing financial interests in relation to the work described.
    Authors' contributions
    O.F., M.Mo and D.D.P. designed the study; acquired, analyzed and interpreted the data; and drafted the manuscript. C.B., G.C., P.G., and V.B. acquired and analyzed the data. M.Mi., U.P., P.P., M.P., and G.S. designed the study, interpreted the data, and critically revised the manuscript. All authors approved the final version of the manuscript.
    Declarations of Competing Interest
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